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I'm a Python developer based in Glasgow, Scotland. I specialise in Python development and solving challenging problems.

When I'm not coding I like to get out and about and particularly keen on travelling. My biggest adventure to date was in South America with my lovely girlfriend (see the route I travelled - all of that is by ground except one flight from Lima to Buenos Aires).

I'm also an avid skier when its the right season and otherwise I'm slowly getting into running and cycling.

Curriculum vitae

Thanks for showing an interest in my CV. I'd be happy to send you a copy, jus get in touch.

Conferences and User Groups

I'm a big advocate of the community and getting involved. I try to go to as many conferences and user groups as I can. If the group doesn't exist, I'll try and start it. I co-founded Python Edinburgh and then later started Python Glasgow.

I'm a regular at EuroPython, PyConUK and DjangoCon.eu. I also occasionally speak at conferences when I have the opportunity.

Development Environment

I mostly write Python in vim. When writing for the web I typically use Flask or Django. This website however is a static website with Pelican - which is awesome.

My current ideal general purpose web stack looks something like Nginx, Gunicorn, Postgres, Python, Redis. However, this very much depends on the project and other tools such as ElasticSearch make a great addition. I try to automate all my systems administration work and even my local development environment. For this I have used Chef but more recently I've been preferring to use Salt Stack.

I work happily on MacOS and Linux.

Getting in touch.

Email is probably best, get me directly on dougal@dougalmatthews.com or reach out to me on Twitter.

You should follow me on Twitter.