I'm an active OpenSource developer, working on a number of interesting projects. As must of my development is on GitHub you can see most of my activity there. I archive inactive projects on GitHub too.

I've been lucky and privileged to be in contact with some amazing developers through open source.

These statistics are pulled live from the GitHub API with a small bit of JavaScript. The numbers reflect only the repositories that originate from my account and thus don't include those that I'm a contributor on but are owned by an organisation or another user.

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  • I have GitHub repositories.
  • of them are forks and originate from my account.
  • In total my repositories are watched by people (but this doesn't count repos that I control in other GitHub orgs).
  • I am also a member of GitHub organisations.
  • By language, GitHub guesses that my repositories are primarily .
  • I have commited lines of code over patches to OpenStack and reviewed OpenStack patches.