Installing Dev TripleO Packages

I only recently learned that could help me easily build rpm's for projects used in TripleO. I wish I had known this sooner, as my previous approach to the problem was very hacky.

Basically, there are two flags you need to know. The first only needs to be ran once, to set things up.

~/tripleo-ci/scripts/ --delorean-setup

I have cloned the tripleo-ci repo to ~/tripleo-ci. Just update your path if you have it in a different location.

After this completes, you can use the following command to build a project.

~/tripleo-ci/scripts/ --delorean-build openstack/tripleo-common

By default, this will clone the git repo for the project and store it in ~/tripleo/tripleo-common. After that it will build the package and the rpm can be found nested under ~/tripleo/delorean/data/repos - find and grep locates it easily enough (but there may be an easier way?). After that a simple yum install and you are sorted.

You can then checkout a review from gerrit, or update the git repo in ,~/tripleo/ and will install that version, making it easy to build and install projects. If you manually clone the repo and store it there it wont do the initial checkout.

However, to make things even easier I put a script together. I can now do this to install a specific gerrit review for a project.

~/tripleo-util/ tripleo-common 385323;

This will checkout the review, build and run the yum install, all in one go. If you don't include a review number, it will do the same but install the master version, or whatever you have manually checked out.

The only catch is that some projects require you do extra steps, like restarting mistral and loading Workflows when you install tripleo-common. I am working on automating that stuff too. I have some scripts, but I want to bring it all together eventually.

You can see the full source for this script below:

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