Python 3 and pytest Intro in Glasgow

I recently introduced a number of people to Python and pytest at the first Glasgow Pair Programming Meetup. I think it was a success as I slowly took them through some simple programming problems to demonstrate the tooling available in Python.

This post is just a reference for everything I mentioned (and I remember mentioning!). So anyone that came along, or anyone looking for a similar list of references can find these Python tools.

I used ...

  • Python 3.5, default to Python 3 and only used Python 2 if you must. Python 3.6 is out soon, anything from 3.4 upwards is good.
  • pip to install packages from the Python Package Index (PyPI)
  • [pyenv] to install different Python versions. You may not need this if you have a good enough Python version on your system by default
  • virtualenv to install Python packages for a specific project
  • pytest, the best way to write tests in Python. unittest works pretty well too and has wider adoption.
  • The Python collections module is great, it has some really nice things in it. I didn't use itertools or functools but they are also neat.

Outside of Python, I also used tmux to manage my sessions. fish as my shell. i3wm as my window manager in Fedora.

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