MkDocs - Docs with Markdown

MkDocs is an open source Python tool for lowering the barrier to writing documentation. The goal is relatively simple and focused, we want to make it easier to write high quality prose based documentation.

Originally started by Tom Christie, I took over maintenance and development about 6 months ago. Since then there has been a number of interesting changes, I want to start writing about these, but first this post will introduce the project for those unfamiliar with it.

Quick start

The MkDocs documentation takes you through the process of getting started in detail. This is the super quick version.

  1. Start a new project with mkdocs new my_project. This will create a new directory called my_project or add a mkdocs config to an existing directory. It will also create a file within a docs dir.

  2. Move into the directory you provided above and run mkdocs serve

  3. Now open up the file and start editing, when you save, the browser should automatically refresh and show the new changes.

What next?

You can change the theme, create a custom theme, tweak the navigation configuration and page titles.

I plan to follow up this post and share some of the changes and improvements coming in MkDocs. Both from a technical and users point of view.

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